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Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s, and Aging are hot topics! Here are some links we love to share with our residents and their families.

Take the SAGE (Self Administered Gerocognitive Exam) Test

Why take the SAGE test?

You may want to take SAGE if you are concerned that you might have cognitive issues. Or you may wish to have your family or friends take the test if they are having memory or thinking problems. The difficulties listed can be early signs of cognitive and brain dysfunction. While dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can lead to these symptoms, there are many other treatable disorders that also may cause these signs.

It is normal to experience some memory loss and to take longer to recall events as you age. But if the changes you are experiencing are worrying you or others around you, SAGE can be a helpful tool to assess if further evaluation is necessary.

Unfortunately, many people do not seek help for these kinds of symptoms until they have experienced them for several years. There are many treatable causes of cognitive and thinking loss, and in some cases, medications or other treatments can be very effective-especially if provided when symptoms first begin.

Remember that SAGE does not diagnose any specific condition. The results of SAGE will not tell you if you have Alzheimer’s disease, mini-strokes or any number of other disorders. But the results can help your doctor know if further evaluation is necessary.

What do I do after I take the test?

After you complete the test, take it to your primary care physician. Your doctor will score it and interpret the results. If indicated, your doctor will order some tests to further evaluate your symptoms or refer you for further evaluation.

If your score does not indicate any need for further evaluation, your doctor can keep the test on file as a baseline for the future. That means, you can take the test again in the future, and the doctor can see if there are any changes over time.

There is no answer sheet provided here for you to score yourself because there are multiple correct answers to many of the questions on the test. SAGE should be scored by your physician.

For information on the Veterans Administration’s Aid and Attendance program click here.

Links on Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

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Senior Programs
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How To Get Financial Assistance from the State of Georgia to Pay for a Senior’s Long Term Care: (Providence is strictly Private Pay)

Providence is strictly Private-Pay. This link takes you state Information on Obtaining StateFunds and the State’s Find-A-Facility Tool

  • This is a Fact Sheet for Obtaining Source Funds from Georgia. All SOURCE clients must be eligible for full Medicaid and meet nursing home level of care.
  • The Independent Care Waiver is designed for eligible Medicaid members with severe physical disabilities who are between the ages of 21 and 64 when they apply and who meet the criteria as listed on this Fact Sheet.
  • The Community Care Services Program (CCSP) is a Medicaid waiver program that provides community-based social, health and support services to eligible consumers as an alternative to institutional placement in a nursing facility. This is a Fact Sheet for eligibility requirements and services provided.

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