Our Philosophy

At Providence, our philosophy of care promotes Aging in Place in an atmosphere of safety, dignity, and comfort.

We understand that seniors place a high value on maintaining their independence no matter what state of health they are in. That is why we integrate practices and approaches which encourage Providence residents to stay active, mobile, and engaged.


We value our State Inspections record of “100% Compliance/No Violations” and work hard to serve our residents and their families within the limits placed upon us by our state regulatory body.

We work hard and solve problems creatively so that Providence residents can stay at Providence, even as they age and as their conditions change.

We are activists in the industry, fighting for Resident Rights wherever we see an opportunity to improve senior choice and options. As an employer we take pride in creating good jobs for good workers.

We maintain a safe, clean, well-organized and well-managed work environment for our caregivers, who are the backbone of our business.

Our History

Providence Senior Living is located in beautiful Alpharetta, Georgia, and combines the care seniors need, the convenience they value, and the independence they cherish.

Providence Senior Living began when founder, Zoe Stahl, became inspired by the mission and vision of her sister and brother in law, Liz and Tom Littleton. The Littletons own and operate 7 eight-person care homes www.LighthouseAssistedLiving.com  in Denver, Colorado. Zoe foresaw a need in Alpharetta for the same concept!

 In November 2006, 12775 Providence Road was acquired and renovations started!

In June 2007 Providence admitted its first resident and hired its first employee.

In May 2008 a 1,000 square foot addition was added to the home on Providence Rd. and expanded the capacity from 4 to 8 residents.

In November 2010 the rear parking lot was built, and the basement office space was updated.

In January 2014 the main floor interior was renovated and redecorated.

In January 2018 all the resident bathrooms were completely renovated.

In December 2018 the front parking lot was expanded for added convenience and safety.

In January 2019 the main floor interior was renovated and redecorated, and we have plans to expand a new front porch expansion started and to screen/cover the back porch


 The business will grow over the years in order to meet the needs of an ever-expanding market.

Stay tuned to our progress!

Providence of Alpharetta

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