Frequently Asked Questions

How do you staff the residence?

We plan for a maximum staff ratio of 8 residents : 1 Caregiver. One caregiver is on duty at a time, and she works 24 hour shifts, sleeping in the home during the night.  Our caregivers enjoy a 2 days on, 3 days off schedule rotation.

Our simple staffing model is designed to make it easier for residents to become familiar with caregivers, and helps us promote consistency in care delivery.

Residents are also served by additional skill sets which are present during all or part of each day: activities director, Providence nurse managers, hospice or home health aides, hospice or home health nurses, and private resident companions.

Are nurses available? How are the homes supervised?

The Nurse (RN) Manager makes rounds at least 5 days per week and is available on call 24×7. During rounds, we check the cleanliness of the home, the quality of meal preparation, medication accuracy, and verify that each resident’s care needs are being met. We also check for regulatory compliance.

What if my loved one needs help during the night?
We have a call light system in our homes and we use baby monitors for residents who can’t use a call light. We believe that healthy sleeping patterns are essential to good health, and can be developed, even for residents who have long-term habits of nighttime wakefulness. To encourage that, during the day we keep residents busy, engaged, and stimulated during waking hours. We discourage excessive napping. We report chronic night time wakefulness to the family and the physician.

Our Awake Night Care Givers promote safety and provide assistance throughout the night.

What is included in my monthly Board and Care Fee?

Your monthly rate includes all help needed with bathing, grooming, dressing, taking medications, mobility, toileting, incontinence care, and feeding. We provide three meals and two snacks during the day. Finally, your rate includes all utilities and basic cable TV service in the living room and in some selected bedrooms.

How do you prevent boredom?

At Providence, we have a dedicated activities director who works four days a week. Our daily activity schedule consists of physical exercise and cognitive and spiritual stimulation and, on occasion, fun outings to local community events.  Several times a month we celebrate world and historical events and reminisce about times past. We always celebrate together holidays and birthdays with family style pot-luck meals.

Does Providence offer Transportation?

We do not have a “van” or other system to take residents outside the home. We do provide a list of recommended and reasonably-priced individuals who have years of experience providing transportation and companion services to Providence residents. Our group outings are done caravan-style; families pitch in and we all travel together, everyone helping get residents to where we’re going. It makes it a community event, and we have a lot of fun!

What about getting Mom to her doctor’s appointments?

We have a great relationship with a team of medical professionals who makes house calls regularly. This team includes a nurse practitioner and an internal medicine doctor, and they work with Providence Nurses to address our resident’s basic healthcare needs. It is your option who will be your loved one’s primary physician. But using this team can really help cut down on the frequency of doctors office trips.  If you wish to continue to use your own doctors, that is fine with us too!

Are pets allowed?

At Providence we understand how important animal friends can be to our sense of well-being. Pets are allowed as long as the resident is able to care for them, and as long as the animal does not inconvenience or cause health issues to other residents. Pets are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Do you have a Hair Dresser? What about Podiatry or a Dentist?

We have a lovely hair dresser who comes in once a week and bills her services directly to the families. A podiatrist comes every 11 weeks and bills Medicare. We also have an Optometrist, a Dentist, and a couple of Pastors who visit!

What happens if my loved one becomes bed-ridden or gets very dependent? Will they have to move out?

Providence is a dedicated proponent of aging-in-place. We strive to make this the last place you will ever have to move your loved one. We make extensive use of home health and hospice services to provide the medical and nursing care your loved one needs as she ages or becomes ill. The State of Georgia currently requires personal care homes to discharge residents who do not meet the State’s eligibility criteria for personal care homes, often leaving these residents with no option except to go to a nursing home. Our philosophy is this: if the family wishes it, and whenever possible, we will request the State’s special permission to allow our residents to age in place, and to pass away peacefully at home under hospice care.

I’m worried about price increases.

We never want to lose an existing customer over money. We strive to be fair and to err on the side of the customer. Nonetheless we might reassess a resident when there is a significant and permanent change in condition. As residents age, they may require more care. We also offer the option of fixed/flat rate pricing, which offers the peace-of-mind of knowing your rate will never increase. Our annual cost of living increases are 5% for residents who have not opted for the fixed/flat rate option.

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